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Business Savings: Use a Namecheap Coupon On Your Company’s Website.

First, a Namecheap Coupon Code For Your Business’ Website.

greengeeks coupon codes - web hostingSure, you can hosting your business’ website with a green company and call yourself future-oriented.
But, instead of clicking here and using a coupon code and calling yourself a visionary, there are lots of ways to meaningfully prepare your business for the future. One of them is to set up a voice-calling service for your business.

Communication today is easier than it has been at any time in history. You can reach anyone around the world – as long as they have an internet connection of some kind – in just a matter of moments. The connectivity of the world today is simply staggering, and it is only going to improve as time goes by.


For you as a business owner, of course, this is great news. You have many different options for how you are going to communicate with your clients, customers, and other business. More and more, businesses are using email, web messaging, and even text messages to communicate with clients and customers. However, despite the presence of these convenient options, you would be wise not to overlook the benefits of traditional voice calling.

Of course, ‘traditional’ voice calling isn’t even traditional any more, as most calls are placed through a VoIP system rather than an old-fashioned landline. Regardless, there are still benefits to be enjoyed with regard to actually speaking with someone rather then just writing them a message. Below, you will find a list of three of the biggest benefits you will experience when you use a voice-calling service for your business.

#1 – Become a Real Person

If you run a business that serves a wide customer base, your web presence will help you to reach as many people as possible – but it will also make you seem like a digital entity rather than a real company that is operated by real people. When the only way to reach a company is through email or a support forum of some kind, some customers will be turned off by the lack of personal service.

This is where a voice-calling system can come into the picture. If you or one of your staff members are available via phone call to answer questions and listen to concerns, you will suddenly be able to add a personal touch to your operation. You can think of this service as something of a ‘tie-breaker’ between your business and the competition. If you are offering a similar service or product as your competitors, but you offer the chance to speak with a live person and the competition doesn’t, that small detail may give you the upper hand in winning the sale.

#2 – Save Time

Most of us think of things like email and text messaging as convenient time savers, but is that always true? Not necessarily. Sure, you are going to save time just tapping out a quick text rather than placing a phone call, but there are situations where the phone call will actually be more efficient. If you have a voice-calling system in place for your business, you can use that system to chat with a contractor in a remote location rather than having to send messages back and forth. What may have taken several messages over the period of an hour or more could be hammered out in a phone call that takes just a few minutes of your time.

#3 – Compete in a Bigger Arena

Without a phone number, your business is always going to be relegated to the online-only world. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – after all, the internet is enormous and  there is plenty of business to go around – but you will still be placing a limit on the potential of your company. With a phone number, however, you begin to exist in a space outside of the internet, meaning you can compete with a larger portion of the market. Even though your voice-calling service still relies on technology to function, the service that it provides means you can open up your business to new possibilities both on and off-line.

Considering the fact that most voice-calling services for business are rather affordable, you shouldn’t have to think too long about adding this capability to your company. Even if the effect of adding voice-calling is relatively minor, it is still likely to be a net gain when compared to the modest cost. Give your clients and customers another way to get in touch with you at a moment’s notice and your business is likely to grow.