productivity and noise cancelling headphones

How to Increase Productivity by Using Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Imagine finishing each day at the office with a contented smile, knowing that you have been so productive and completed all important tasks. You even used a promo code from DiscountDoggo to save money on a project! Yes, that is an ideal scenario that every employee dreams of. However, it can be a challenging task for many people due to some bad habits or personal issues, which make them worry about unfinished projects until late at night.

The solution to this problem is quite simple: work smarter and replace our reactive patterns & bad habits with the good ones. Here are 5 useful tips to get the most out of your daily work and maximize the productivity.

1. Minimize distractions by using noise-cancelling headphones

Having a colleague passing by your room to chat seems innocent enough, but this brief interruption might create a considerable change in your work pattern thereby reducing the productivity. In addition, there are a lot of things in the office that could easily pop up and make you distracted with noisy sounds. It’s a great idea to look into a pair of noise cancelling headphones, for a good comparison of some of the top brands take a look at Put on some of your favourite music (instrumental or electronic without vocals is best) with your headphones and you will find yourself in a distraction-free audio cocoon!

noise-cancelling headphones

To eliminate other office distractions, you can try keeping the office door closed, setting working hours, or even working from home on some time-sensitive tasks.

2. Avoid multi-tasking

You may feel that you can have more tasks done by multi-tasking, but many studies have proven that doing many jobs at the same time is one of the killers of productivity. In fact, multi-tasking would reduce creativity, make it more difficult to remember essential information, and lead to more mistakes at work.

So it is advisable to stop it now! Instead, you would increase the productivity by paying full attention to only one project at a time before turning to other tasks. As soon as your hands or eyes starting moving to another screen, for example, just think about how important the current task is and resist your temptation.

3. Make a to-do list before starting

A to-do list can make a significant contribution to your productivity at work. It keeps you organized, focused and gives you a sense of satisfaction when you are able to tick off tasks that you’ve completed. For this reason, everyone should make their own list each night to ensure that they will not waste time in the next morning trying to remember something.

Just 5 minutes before sleeping each night, you should take a brief walk through the next day and consider important tasks that need to be done. Then jot down some words on sticky notes so that you can look at it the next day and have everything done quickly.

4. Learn how to say no

People sometimes say yes when they actually want to say no simply because they don’t want to let someone down. But agreeing on everything can place a huge stress on your productivity and time.

Of course, you cannot say no to some people, such as your manager. If this is the case, then it is advisable to practice the “yes, but”. For instance, you would say, “I’d love to follow this A1 project, but it would make me fall behind on the A2 task. Would it be better for me to pay attention to only one task for the time being?”

5. Determine important tasks to do

There are some tasks you just do not need to perform and can be automated or assigned to the others. For example, it is easy to create a filter with your email to delete automatically some spam or unwanted emails. In addition, there are many free applications available today to help create plans that would streamline some services like Dropbox, Twitter, Fitbit, Evernote, and Facebook. As a result, you can have more time completing essential tasks and leave the others for someone else.

Final thoughts

To sum up, being productive at work is not a rocket science. In fact, it does require careful planning and a little bit of creativity to manage your time effectively. Use our tips to help you create good habits and start seeing the differences in your productivity.